MANTA RAY Back Squat Stabilizer WeightLifting USA MADE


  • $ 44.95

Don't be fold by cheaper  Chinese versions sold on ebay OR AMAZON, that are thin, cheap plastic with a thin layer of foam. You WILL feel the bar with the china pad. This is an original MANTA RAY MADE IN THE USA.


Patented load distribution device for the back squat exercise. Made from a hi-tech polyurethane polymer, it is virtually indestructible. Instead of the force concentrating in one small area, the Manta Ray increases the surface area by more than 1600% finally making it possible to focus on the movement. The front projections help keep the bar from trying to roll off your back. This allows most people use a more erect posture because it stops the bodies tendency to bend the lifter forward in an attempt to take the stress off the shoulders.

  •  The Manta-Ray alleviates the pain from the bar which rests against the trapezius muscles to allow for the full potential gains from the squat exercise. It is molded from virtually indestructible lightweight polyurethane polymer which snaps on to all sizes of bars, and won’t slip. One size fits all.

  •  The Manta-Ray can improve your back squatting: Your arms no longer have to support as much of the load trying to keep the bar from rolling off your back!

  •     Finding the center of the bar on each set is no longer a problem - once you center and snap the Manta-Ray to the bar, you will know that you are right in the middle for every set!

  •   Repairing trauma from that shearing force crushing muscle and nerves against bone is no longer wasting 10% to 40% of your body’s ability to recuperate from a workout!

  •    The bar no longer rests on the deltoids (which house the injury prone Rotator Cuff Assembly).

  •  The Manta-Ray eliminates that shearing pain often experienced in the neck, so that you can focus now on the movement - watch your gains skyrocket!  

  • It's only about 12.5 inches long, so it doesn't involve the delts. Since it sits only on your traps, it just sits on whatever traps you happen to have. Guaranteed.

  • Warranty: Three Years! Even in commercial gym or school use, so for an individual it's really a lifetime investment.  


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