Newgrips PowerPads Weight Lifting Gloves ALL SIZES Unisex Neoprene Fitness Glove


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Increases reps and weight loads. Pads palms AND fingers: no leather glove does this. Prevents calluses. Tougher and thicker than leather gloves. Last longer than leather gloves. Does NOT attach to the Newgrip wrist support.

  • Flexible, 7/32" (5mm) durable, neoprene hand pads.

  • 20-24 square inches of grip area depending on pad size.

  • Contours your hand shape to the weight bar.

  • Prevents calluses and eliminates sore hands.

  • Light weight - not bulky - does not constrict hand movement.

  • Completely pads and protects palms, finger joints, nerve endings and tendons against impact and abrasion.

  • Superb moisture absorption. Will not stain skin nor leave hands stinky like leather can.

  • Sizes: S, M, L

  • Hygienic. washable by hand. air dry.

  • SIZE SMALL: 5'-2" TO 5'-4"

  • SIZE MEDIUM: 5'-4" TO 5'-9".

  • SIZE LARGE: Over 5'-9"



1."Like many people who lift weights, I had horrible callusesI'm reordering an extra pair as I couldn't risk having to go to the gym without PowerPads!" Z. Bhatti, Florida

2. "They significantly increased my grip with wide-grip pull-ups. Your Pads improve the feel of the bar. Lat pulls were easier. Seated rows a breeze and dumbbell rows were EXTREMELY comfortable. Excellent product." -Eugene Zamora, Florida

3. "These hand grips let me achieve rapid strength gain in training my back and upper arms because, before using Grips, my hand strength would give out before I could drive arm & back muscles to failure." - Dale Elston, Texas

4. "I LOVE THEM!!!! These are the best workout gloves I've ever used. They allow me to lift heavier. And they're so comfortable." -Louise Miller, Rhode Island

5. "I lost the PowerPads I purchased. Unfortunately I had to use an old pair of gloves that at one time I thought were pretty decent. What a mistake! After using PowerPads...there is no comparison to any other type of glove on the market." - Mike Cook

6. "I train 5 days a week, taking each set to failure and Grips make the bar feel lighter." -Steve Goodman, Michigan

7. "Grips are great! PowerPads are good for chins, pull ups, padding for dips and 'l' sits, to say nothing of NO MORE calluses." - Jerry Walker CrossFit Elite Training

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