Schiek Sports 510 Cross Training Gloves Unisex


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Schiek Sports 510 Cross Training Gloves All Sizes

The Model 510 gloves are the perfect gloves for weight training, fitness training and cycling. The gloves have gel padding and the Schiek patented "fins" for easy removal.

They also feature a terry cloth thumb and index finger, non-slip grip, cool mesh back and are washable and guaranteed not to bleed.

With Schiek's patent pending easy-removal fins getting your gloves off is no longer a problem. Simply grab the rugged fin extensions and pull the gloves off your hands with ease.


And even better, you can throw your gloves in the washer to clean them after use! The features include the patented Schiek fins for ease in removal, cushioned grip including the thumb area and premium Amara fabric that stays soft and supple. The gloves are double stitched throughout and washable.

Measure around your palm to get the correct fit.


XS: 6 -7 in

S: 7 - 8 in

M: 8 - 9 in

L: 9 - 10 in

XL: 10 - 11 in

XXL: 11 - 12 in

Online Reviews:

This is my second pair of Schiek gloves, and I've been very happy with both purchases. I've had a couple of other brands, but I like the Schieks because they have design features that make them a pleasure to use right out of the box. The "fins" things that run along each finger don't seem like a big deal, but once you get used to how easy they make it to get your gloves off after a workout, you'll find you miss them in other gloves. The man-made material they use makes the gloves smell like a new tire. :-) But they also are less likely to smell in the usual way after many workouts. They also don't shrink, and are easier to take care of (machine wash). Schiek claims that they won't bleed black dye onto your hands. That hasn't been totally true for me, but the small amount you get after a sweaty workout is nothing compared with the black/purple ink stains you get with leather gloves (and it takes a long long time for that to stop happening). All in all I strongly recommend them. By Peter "peterinsf"

First I want to say that I've bought a lot of work out gloves in the past and they have all smelled bad, stained my hands after a work out and ripped with only a few times use. I did do my research for gloves this time around and I was still reluctant as many gloves hype themselves out to be the best and in real world use they don't fit the bill. By far these gloves are excellent in my book. No staining after a heavy or mild work out, no bad smell and awesome wrap around the wrists for heavy duty lifting. One really nice feature are the shark fins they put in each finger in order to pull the gloves easily. The padding is awesome on these gloves really sturdy, and well crafted gloves. If you're hesitant don't be these gloves are excellent for all your work out needs. By C. Villanueva

After spending $20 on gloves at Dick's only to have them fall apart shortly after (and of course right after the 90 day warranty) I looked and looked online and these gloves have the best after owning them I can see why. They don't dye your hands (the first 2-3 uses you may get black lint off of them, but it won't dye your hands)they've extremely comfortable, very easy to pull off thanks to the "FINS" on the fingers, and you can wash them so after prolong use they don't start to smell from sweat buildup etc.. Top all of that off with the 1 Year warranty it makes these gloves with the $5-$10 more compared to gloves in Dick's etc that aren't nearly as nice and you'd have to buy several pairs of to get the life of these. By Ice

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