Schiek 1200PLH Power Lifting Hooks PADDED WRIST lift heavy weights USA MADE


  • $ 39.95

New Schiek 1200PLH Power Lifting Hooks - better than weight lifting straps

Is your grip holding back your muscle gains? Many trainees use a lighter weight than they could really handle because of this weak link, your grip. Lifting hooks distribute some of the load off of your fingers and onto your wrists and hands so you can hold on to heavier weights for a longer time. That means more weight AND more reps per set.

Your hand muscles are not nearly as strong as the muscles in your lower and upper back or in your traps and shoulders. So when you do an exercise like a barbell shrug, deadlift or a lat pull down, you have to stop the exercise because of grip fatigue rather than from total exhaustion of the target muscle.

The Schiek Power Lifting Hooks takes your grip out of the equation allowing you to stress the target muscle.

Schiek Model 1200PLH specs:

  • You'll receive two hooks (one pair).

  • 1/4" thick - 2 1/2" wide neoprene padded wrist support.

  • Coated durable metal hooks for a secure grip.

  • Great for Lat Pull Downs, Shrugs, Pull Ups, Low Rows and other back and shoulder exercises.

Schiek Power Lifting Hooks review by Eric K.:

I've used these power lifting hooks for the past 4 weeks and they are excellent. They allow you to lift heavier without fatiguing your grip while focusing on your desired muscle groups; particularly shoulder shrugs (dumbbell or barbell), seated row, lat pull down, hack squat.

I have not noticed any wear or tear and they feel as if constructed to take a beating in the gym. They are easier to set up for your lift than lifting straps. The only negative to consider is that you may not be able to perform a full and tight squeeze with a seated row bar due to the natural mechanics of the body and the hooks wanting to roll off the handles with the motion. With that being said, I still rated them a 10 and they have not actually fallen off the handles during seated rows.

I substituted two strap handles in place of the seated row bar with the hooks and that allowed for a tighter squeeze during seated rows, accommodating the body's mechanics without any issue. I love incorporating this product into my workouts for heavier lifts and to fully isolate the training of my back muscles. Highly recommended!

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