NEW Ironmind Super Squats Hip Belt for weightlifting bodybuilding and strength

Ironmind Captains of Crush

  • $ 149.99

Get bigger, jump higher, pull harder. Versatile and effective, the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt:

  • Takes your back out of squatting.

  • Boosts sheer leg strength.

  • Increases your vertical jump.

  • Portable, for travel or going to the gym.

  • Wide range of lifts: squats, weighted chins, weighted dips, calf exercises, hip lifts, pulling and sled dragging.

  • Holds 3,500 lb. with ease!

  • Weights and weight pin in photos not included

Straddle a short bar, clipping in front and back, or hang the weight just in the front--either way, the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt allows you to squat unencumbered by a bar on your shoulders. And there is zero back stress--on either your spine or on your lower back--because the weight is borne by your hip structure.

Belts are adjustable within about a 6" range, so please go by your actual waist size (not pants size) to obtain the best-fitting belt.

Comes with a pair of Daisy Chains and two Large Carabiners. (Bar and loading pin not included.)

Please make your selection based on your waist size:

  • Small: 26"-30" waist

  • Medium: 31"-35" waist

  • Large: 36"-41" waist

  • X-large: 42"-50" waist


Does what it says: A great device. I have back problems so I cant do squats. This belt hangs on your waist and puts zero pressure on your back. I use it with the loading pin and my legs get blasted. Wont do anything to strenghten your back, but your legs will be mush after 5 or 6 good sets. Already had friends coming over to try it, and they have loved it. - John Kessler, WV

Definitely one of the best investments Ive made: When they say that there is zero strain on the back, believe it. The hip belt is comfortable to use and very strong. Ive used mine for squats, calf raises, weighted dips and chins. The only thing to note is that it is a little awkward to use at first and you will need a set-up to get the weight off the ground - I use a set of car stands to rest the bar on which works fine. Michael Stock

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