Mens Workout NPC Bodybuilding Wear Baggy Pants Gym Clothing Weight Lifting


  • $ 34.99

Wear the clothing top bodybuilders wear and show off all that hard work in the gym!

High quality fitness clothing for active adults from NPC Wear.

This listing is for one NEW pair of NPC %90 Cotton - 10% Lycra Baggy straight leg pants with two side pockets,

NPC double bicep logo

How to size:

TOPS: Sizes S (up to 5'5"), M (5'6"-5'9"), L (5'10"-6'2") XL (over 6'2").

BOTTOMS: Sizes S (up to 29" waist), M (29"-33" waist), L (30"-34" waist), XL (34" waist plus).


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