Spud inc ForeArmor Straps BFR Bands Blood Flow Restriction Occlusion


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Spud inc ForeArmor Straps.

Whether you’re gearing up for a heavy bench session or putting in work with the atlas stones, don’t slow down for bicep, elbow or forearm pain.

The easy-on, easy-off Spud Inc. ForeArmors provide mild to extreme compression that you can wear for your whole workout without having your hands go numb, or cinch down tight for the last heavy set. 

Even if pain isn’t a problem, all lifters can chase a bigger pump by using the Spud Inc. ForeArmors for occlusion training. 

Occlusion training is simply a way of restricting blood flow in the veins of a working muscle in hopes to kick-start some larger gains in muscle size and strength.

Sizing Recommendations

To size, measure the area where the strap will be worn (directly below the elbows, on your forearm). That measurement will correspond to the size you need. For example, if your forearm just below the elbow measures 13” around, you’ll need a size 13 Spud Inc. ForeArmor.

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