Schiek Nylon Ab Strap Model 1400 Cable Crunches Pull Down ATG Reverse Squats


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Schiek Nylon Ab Strap. "Designed for ab crunches and cable pull-downs, the Schiek Ab Strap features a heavy-duty D-ring and non-slip webbing for a sure grip. Plush neoprene padding provides maximum comfort."

The above description is what's on every website that's selling the Ab strap. But the Schiek Nylon Ab Strap for Cables is good for more than just ab crunches and cable pull-downs.

Note: These Ab Straps are meant to be used around your wrists like in the photo below where you are on your knees and then do a crunch. They don't work like hanging ab straps.

The Schiek Model 1400 Ab Strap is good for many more exercises than crunches or pull-downs.

The nylon strap with the wrist padding allows you to totally isolate the biceps and triceps by taking the grip and forearms out of the exercise. When your lower arms aren't compensating for your biceps and triceps, you'll be able to focus on working those muscles.

The wrist pads have a 1/4" neoprene pad sewn into them. This along with a choker grip around your wrist secures the ab strap to your wrists, allowing your hands to remain open if you choose.

Schiek Model 1400ABS


  • Length: 18 inches
  • 1/4-inch plush neoprene padding
  • Heavy-duty D-ring and durable non-slip webbing for a sure grip
  • Designed for ab crunches and cable pull-downs (but can be used for MANY MORE EXERCISES)
  • Provides maximum comfort and durability
  • ATG Reverse Squats. Use the straps on the feet, performing Reverse Squats on a cable machine. 

Made with pride in the USA.

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