Rumble Roller Deep Massage Therapy Foam Roller 12" x 5" Rumbleroller Myofascial


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Foam Roller for Myofascial Release

I absolutely hate working out legs. I get Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) for at least 2-3 days afterwards. My leg workouts started to suffer because I was hesitant to go all out because I knew walking would be painful for about 2 days!

I tried foam rolling after my leg workouts. Foam rollers are a popular tool in the arsenal of any personal trainer, physical therapist or athlete. Despite that popularity, smooth foam rollers aren't particularly effective. These rollers are typically used to help reduce muscle strain and relieve sore or tired muscles.

The reality is that a smooth foam roller actually compresses the muscle tissue and only provides temporary stimulation of blood flow and flexibility. Unless you want to spend a lot of time rolling, your relief is only going to be temporary as well.

The Rumble Roller is designed in a completely different way in order to provide longer-lasting relief from knots or adhesions. Unlike smooth rollers, the Rumble Roller is covered with bumps that are specially designed to give you all the benefits of a treatment with a massage therapist. The shape and size of the bumps are engineered specifically to target your trigger points and relieve adhesions.

rumble roller

This listing is for the 12" X 5" rumble roller - either blue or black (firm)

The Rumble Roller works in three key ways:

1. The bumps are firm but still flexible -- just like the thumbs of your favorite massage therapist!


2. Because the bumps are firmer than your muscle tissue but more flexible than your bone, they will simply deflect away from your spine and other bony areas while kneading into the muscle, stretching your soft tissues and eroding your trigger points.

3. Because you are in control of the Rumble Roller, you decide how much pressure you should use. How many times have you left a massage therapy session sore to the bone? With the Rumble Roller, you can experiment with how much pressure you need to get the job done, and you can increase or decrease pressure as you desire to provide the most relief.

Personalized Therapy

The Rumble Roller comes in a different densities, which allows you to choose the firmness level that is just right for you. Because the Rumble Roller is color-coded, you can even purchase one of each density so you can adjust your treatment. The bumps on the black Rumble Roller models are 36 percent firmer than those on the blue Rumble Roller, which means that you never have to wonder which is which.

rumble roller models

This listing is for the 12" X 5" rumble roller - either blue or black (firm)

Options are great, and the Rumble Roller also comes in different sizes in order to provide therapy both at home and on the go. The larger size Rumble Roller is perfect for treating your back and is wide enough to catch your entire back or both your legs in just one pass. If you travel or are using the roller as part of a training or physical therapy plan, the compact size is a perfect option. It fits neatly in any gym bag or even carry-on luggage.

More Motion Options

Another benefit that the Rumble Roller has over standard foam rollers is that it provides range-of-motion options that simply aren't possible with foam rollers. While foam rollers usually work in a repetitive forward-and-back motion, the Rumble Roller gives you the option of working in a side-to-side rocking motion as well. This option is great for providing deeper, targeted therapy to areas that might be harder to reach.

Fitness Experts Agree

The Rumble Roller is quickly becoming a sensation among noted fitness experts. The founder of Network Fitness, Jeff Alexander, loves that the Rumble Roller allows for effective self-care for his clients, who include coaches and other trainers. He calls the Rumble Roller "an essential part of an SMR tool kit."

Greg Zook, who owns Zook Studios, says that the Rumble Roller is "one of the best investments for my back." The editor of Pointe Magazine, Jennifer Stahl, says, "Your body will thank you."

Shawn Phillips, the founder and CEO of Full Strength Nutrition, summed up his opinion of the Rumble Roller in just one word: "Awesome."

For all you P90X'ers out there, P90X2 includes an entire DVD devoted to foam rolling (with the Rumble Roller) and other recovery methods.

After using my rumble roller (small, black 36% firmer) I can say my doms is almost completely gone the next day after a leg workout. I now finish every workout by taking only five minutes to message the muscle I worked.


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