Spud Inc. Econo Pulley Lat Pulldown Machine Cable Attachment


  • $160.00

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This listing only includes the following:

One loading pin strap. Strap holds Olympic plates with 2" openings only

One Cable

2 Spring Clips

1 Pulley

(1) short triceps/ab strap

Spud Lat Pulldown Machine. If you have a home gym then you need this simple inexpensive lat pulldown machine! Smash your triceps, lats, and upper back with one simple and inexpensive Spud Econo pulley.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy machine when this simple machine does the same thing for less money.

You can use free weights, bands and even chains to do pushdowns for triceps, lat pulldowns, and many other exercises.

The Spud Inc. Econo Pulley is designed for use in a rack that is around 6-7' tall.

The Econo Pulley Package comes with:


    (1) 18" loading strap pin. Holds about ten 45lb plates

  • (1) short triceps/ab strap

  • One Pulley with 1/4" Cable: 6'3" long

  • (2) 3/8" spring clips.

  • weight limit - 550 lbs

  • Approximate total length from the ring on the loading strap to the end of the tricep strap: 117-119"

The Spud Econo pulley is a well made inexpensive lat pull down machine and makes a great addon to any power rack. Real easy to take down and put up - just remove the cotter pin on the pulley. The pulley wheel itself is heavy duty and there's no worries about the straps or cable ever breaking.

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