NEW 1 Pair of Donut PlateMate 2 1/2 lb. Add-On Weight Plates 2.5 lb Micro-Load


  • $64.00

These are magnets and will not stick to rubberized plates or dumbbells. Do not use these plates on dumbbells below 20 lbs. (for safety).

PlateMate Weight Magnets let you increase the weight of dumbbells and weight stacks in smaller, more manageable increments!

Sometimes just by adding one or two extra pounds to a certain lift, this can help you break through a plateau or sticking point. While it's not much weight in the grand scheme of things, it may be just enough to stimulate your system into lifting more than it did the workout before. Micro loading works by adding steady increases, however small, to your workouts.

Even if you add just 1 lb a week to your dumbbell presses, that’s over 50 lbs in a year! That’s great progress.

PlateMates make microloading easy at any professional or home gym with their revolutionary, patented superstrong magnetic design.

Microloading with PlateMates means beginners are apt to do exercises properly and avoid injury. Intermediates stay motivated because they experience steady progress. Advanced lifters benefit because microloading helps them break through "the plateau" to achieve success at the highest level of weight training.

PlateMates are also ideal for physical therapy where small weight increases help patients regain strength without overburdening injured muscles and tendons.

This listing is for (2) 2.5lb donut platemates (one pair)

The donut style is pretty much a universal fit; see photos. The hole fits over the ends of pro-style dumbbells that you find in commercial gyms. Nothing else shown in the photos is included except for one pair of platemates.

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