Insta Slim Tank Top BLACK Slimming Compression Muscle Shirt Mens


  • $50.00

Insta Slim The Original Proven, Muscle Tank Shirt is a unique sleeveless compression shirt that will make you look up to 5" slimmer and pounds lighter Instantly.

This shirt is made of a special blend of 72% nylon, 28% spandex fibers, making the garment comfortable to wear all day, every day. Can be worn for work or play, as an under garment or outerwear, to exercise and or enjoy a night out on the town. Must have for the man that always wants to look his very best.

How to determine your size:

Use a tape measure to measure your waist across your belly button, and again around your chest under the arms then refer to the size chart for the best fit. If you do not have a tape measure, we recommend that you order in the same size as your normal clothes with the best fit.

The shirts are already compressed and made to offer the slimming and support needed. If your size falls between sizes, we recommend that you order the size to accommodate your bigger measurement.

You may find the shirts snug and hard to put on the first time you wear them, this is normal. We recommend folding up the bottom hemline 2"-3" before you pull it over your head. This will make it easier to grab and pull down over your stomach.

  • Slim your body instantly

  • Firm and tone your upper torso

  • Support your lower back

  • Eliminate your love handles

  • Slim your belly

  • Improve your posture

  • Single layer compression allows for 24 hour use, even while sleeping

  • Comfortable and discreet under clothing

  • Proudly made in the USA

  • Machine washable

Posted on 7/24/2013 5:03:21 PM by Mike I am an athletic man and always have been but during the puberty process and got stuck with pubescent gynecomastia. My shoulders are built, abs are built, and my chest is built, but I have the extra fat tissue on my chest from the's always been something I've been super self conscious about. I've tried everything from sizes too small tank tops to baggy shirts in order to cover the image in the mirror that I perceive daily, nothing worked. I went online and searched for clothing related to gynecomastia, I discovered Instaslim. I purchased three tank tops. I purchased those tank tops four years ago....since then I have purchased a total of nine. They work fantastic, and are very durable! I wear all nine. I wear them to work, the gym, out in formal wear, etc. They have beyond boosted my self esteem while wearing them. I would recommend this product to anyone.

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