Harbinger Build Grip Strength System Adjustable 3 Hand Gripper Set + Finger Extensor Bands


  • $36.00

The Harbinger Grip Strength System is a great tool to get your hands, wrist and forearms stronger than ever. The system includes light, medium and heavy resistances so you can build your way up with one amazing product. The grips mimic the curves of your hand and grip for a more comfortable and natural feel.

Builds hand, wrist & forearm strength fast

Adjustable 3-in-1 grip set: easily change between 60, 80 or 100lbs.

Progressive resistance training kit. Light, medium and heavy resistance levels build grip strength fast.

Ergonomic, non-slip comfort grip matches natural grip motion for greater comfort and control.

Rapid release mechanism in handles for quick, easy changes between resistance levels.

Don't neglect extensor training.

Extensors are the muscles on the back of the forearm involved in opening the hand and are extremely important to hand health and strength. Wrap a thick rubber band around the ends of your fingers and open your hand for as many reps as possible. For a real challenge, place both rubber bands on one hand - TRY TO OPEN YOUR HAND! Buy a gripper from me and I'll include two thick, heavy duty rubber bands:

finger strength

finger strength

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