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Gripad Lifting Grips Non-Slip Grip for Weight Lifting Workout Gloves ALL COLORS

Are you tired of calluses and blisters? Do you suffer from smelly, sweaty hands? Do your Weight Lifting Gloves stain and pinch your fingers and palms? Can’t find Gym Gloves that fit your hands?

Introducing the new, patented GRIPAD Lifting Gloves! Say goodbye to hot, sweaty workouts and hello to callus free hands to match your sculpted body!

Thanks to GRIPAD Lifting Gloves, you get maximum protection with minimal coverage. Neoprene, the wet-suit material, whisks away moisture to prevent sweating and slipping. The innovative design easily slips over your fingers and secures to the palm of your hands providing a firm and comfortable grip while preventing calluses, heat, and odor usually associated with conventional Workout Gloves.

For Men: Most personal trainers agree that form and technique are the most important factors of a safe and effective workout. Yet too many men are still experiencing unnecessary injuries and fatigue that can be directly attributed to improper technique and form. You know what and how to do it, but till now your workout gloves just weren’t supporting you.

GRIPAD has not only created the best new workout glove on the market, but rather a tool that can help you achieve better workouts by achieving a stronger grip. A strong grip is essential to being able to follow through on everything you already know.

GRIPAD’s Neoprene material, traditional used to make wetsuits, provides the strongest, moisture-free, and most slip-proof grip. The three finger-loop design, leaving the thumb and pinkie free, allows for better range of motion and grip as well. As many lifters know, the best form often don’t use fingers, so why restrict them?

Gripads are the official brand of Ronnie Coleman, 8-time Mr. Olympia and bodybuilding legend.

For Women: Training hard used to be a man’s game, but not anymore. Yet, even though the times have changed, most equipment and accessories are still made with only a man’s anatomy in mind. GRIPAD has changed all that.

We know women need padding where it counts. Conventional gloves are meant to protect your hands from workout wear and tear, but sadly fall short every time. That’s why GRIPAD provides the perfect amount of cushioning, covering the vital parts of your hands and fingers that come in contact with your free weights and bars.No excess and useless material here, and no more calluses, blisters, or chaffing either!

Proper padding also reduces pressure on the wrists supporting a stronger grip and therefore a safer and more effective workout. From the gym to a night out, GRIPAD protects your hands so they can be soft and strong at the same time.

GRIPAD training gloves are beneficial for: CrossFit training,spinning, back exercises, dumbbell training, bench press exercises, biceps & triceps exercises, rowing, kettle-bell exercises, and many other general workouts.

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