Anarchy Strength The Convert System - Cable Handles

Anarchy Strength

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Anarchy Strength The Convert System - Cable Handles, Triceps Pushdown, Towel Pull Up Strap All In One

The convert straps can be used as a wrist strap by them self or add the handles to make a cable handle, triceps pushdown strap, or towel pull up strap all in one.  Just add an Oval carabiner and the handles included with the system, and you are set to train.  These will be your new favorite straps. 

Specs:  Strap is 1.5 wide X 24” long with aluminum handle 1.5” in diameter and 6" long with black powder coat. Sold as a pair.

Color: Yellow

Made in the USA

Anarchy Strength, a new equipment manufacturer owned by a former product developer at Spud, Inc. straps. 

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