Spud Upper Body Sled Strap Total Body Workout Weight Lifting Crossfit


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Spud Upper Body Sled Strap. Turn your sled into a total body workout! With the upper body sled strap you can turn a cardio workout into a total body killer cardio session

You don't even need a sled to use this...just attach it to either the upper or lower pulley of any lat tower!

Here is a small list of upper body exercises that can be performed using the upper body strap:

  • Upright rows

  • Rear delt raises

  • Front raises

  • One arm rows

  • Two arm rows

  • Chest flies

  • Iron cross

  • Chest press

  • Triceps extensions

  • Biceps curls

  • Length: 8'

  • Width: 1"

  • Made in the USA!

The list goes on and on as far as your imagination can take it. Turn your cardio into a fat blasting total body workout with the Spud, Inc. upper body strap

Video by Spud, Inc and used with permission:

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