Spud Inc Adjustable Front Squat Harness - Use on Belt Squat Machine Or Low Econo


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Spud Inc Adjustable Front Squat Harness.
  • Use on Belt Squat Machine or even with the Spud LOW econo pulley
  • Can also be used with weight plates and the spud loading strap (not included)
  • Fully adjustable with attached seat belt
  • Heavy duty hook and chain for attaching to belt squat machine

Get even more mileage out of your belt squat machine with the Spud Inc. Front Squat Harness. Attaching to any belt squat, the Front Squat Harness sits comfortably across the chest and shoulders, giving the lifter all the quad and ab development of a front squat without stressing the hips or the spine. 

But we’ve never made a product that was designed for just one thing. Use the harness with your belt squat machine to perform good mornings and pin-loaded squats if you don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning. Adjustable for lifters of all sizes and made from durable woven nylon.

Note: The Front Squat Harness is not designed to be used with a barbell, but can be used with the Spud Inc. Strap Loading Pin to perform free weight squats.



Small: 80 – 150lbs.

Large: 150 – 225 lbs.

XL: 225 – 325 lbs.

2XL: 350lbs + 



- Made in America

- Woven Nylon


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