Spud Inc Dip Belt

Spud Inc Dip Belt with chain and 2 clips for weightlifting


  • $ 59.95

Spud Inc Dip Belt  for weightlifting strength training FREE USA shipping

Spud Inc. put its own twist on the traditional leather dip belt. The Spud dip belt is made with durable webbing that will last for years and years. The Spud Inc. dip belt is designed to be easy to use and comfortable to wear for anyone. The webbing doesn't dig into your hips when you are using heavy weight like the traditional leather belt does.

The dip belt comes with two large clips and 2 feet of chain, so no need to upgrade clips or the chain. Even with four 45 lb plates two feet is plenty of chain

Length: From round ring to round ring is about 35"

The Spud Inc dip belt will be the last dip belt you will ever buy!

Is the spud belt tough? The belt was used to break the world record for the heaviest pullup...check out the video:

Heaviest Weighted Pull up - Guinness World Record



I received my Spud Inc Dip belt today and all I have to say is WOW!!! That thing is BEASTY man... I had 115lbs on it with no prob!!! Also your shipping is FREAKY FAST man... insane... You must've mailed it Saturday and I got it Monday ****today*** INSANE!!! bigbuddyslim75

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