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Grip On Lifting Grips Non-Slip Grip for Weightlifting Strength Training Cross Train

Training with free weights is one of the best ways to develop lean muscle, but many people find that free weights can be difficult to grip comfortably. In your attempts to power through, you may develop calluses and even blisters on your palms.

Worse yet, sweating can cause heavy gym equipment to slip and fall, which can put you at risk for a serious injury. Imagine dropping that heavy barbell on one of your toes or losing your grip and falling to the ground during your pull-ups.

This is where Grip On comes in.

Grip On

Grip On is a specially designed rubber sleeve that is easily applied to any type of equipment that requires you to have a firm, strong grip. It can be placed over the grips on barbells, dumbbells, bars and ropes to give you a comfortable grip that won't cause calluses or blisters and will keep your hands from slipping.

People have tried to improvise numerous solutions to the problem of poor grip. Some people use gloves, but gloves can become sweaty and will tear. Sweaty gloves can also develop bacteria and mildew, which can pose a health risk.

Another common solution to the problem of grip is the use of chalk. Not only is chalk messy, but the powder is so fine that it has the potential to be breathed in during a hard workout.

Grip On is made of high quality rubber that prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew. Following a workout, the sleeves can be quickly rinsed and then tossed back into your gym bag, ready for your next workout.

The sturdy design is made to hold up to plenty of use and won't tear or come apart. They can also safely be sanitized without worry, which is especially important when you're sharing equipment with several other people.

In addition to the sturdy construction and safety features, Grip On comes in a number of fun color and design options. Whatever you're personal style, Grip On has an option for you.

grip on grip on

Women will enjoy the vibrant pink or rainbow speckle pattern. The arctic and forest camouflage patterns are also popular. Of course, if you just want to get down to business, Grip On is also available in a basic black.

Fitness experts agree that Grip On is a great way to get the most out of your strength training workout. They love the way that Grip On is compact enough to fit into the smallest workout bag, or even a purse, so that you never have to find yourself at the gym without them.

Celebrity trainers love that their clients don't have to worry about rough, unattractive calluses on their palms anymore. Other personal trainers feel like Grip On simplifies their jobs by helping their clients intuitively find the correct grip, which in turn leads to a more efficient training session.

With Grip On, you may find that you are lifting more weight than you previously thought possible and completing more reps than ever before. Grip On provides a weight training advantage unlike any other.


  • Fits on most any type of equipment. They measure: 4.25 inches long x .25" (1/4) thick. They are slit to fit over bars, handles, dumbbells etc.

  • Tough, and built to last. Even the most expensive weightlifting gloves are only guaranteed for a year. Grip on should last many years.

  • Easily cleaned

  • Takes up very little space in your gym bag

  • No callused or damaged hands

  • Cushions your palm so you can lift more weight or do more reps



  • Easily stolen - don't set them down and walk away or they will walk away!

  • Lifters with gigantic hands may find the raised lip on either end bothersome. But, unless you have hands the size of a silverback gorilla, 99% of lifters will have no problems.


"GRIP ON - what a fantastic product! So easy to apply, comfortable, and no callused or damaged hands. Say goodbye to sweaty, uncomfortable, crusty old gloves. These rubber sleeves slip on easily and remove in seconds from any bar. The design and color choices give you a wide range to choose from. My wife uses the Pink Grip On's at her gym and loves them. Grip On is the real deal!" - Steve V., La Quinta, CA

"Grip On is awesome! They work great for when I'm dead lifting and doing rope pushdowns and rope hammer curls on the cables. Thank you so much for helping my workout!" - Kendra R., Fitness Staff @ Spectrum Clubs

"Grip Ons are extremely easy to use and take just seconds to apply, unlike lifting straps which many people struggle to use correctly. I noticed a clear improvement with my grip on exercises where my hands normally would slip around. Another clear advantage over straps is the fact that they don't tear up the skin around your wrist, and also help to actually improve your natural grip strength. I would recommend Grip On to clients complaining of their grip strength or grip slipping, as well as those focusing on 'raw' pulling lifts where straps are not allowed, and training with straps would be counterproductive." - Dave B., Apex Contest Prep

"I use GripOn at California Fitness Center, my trainer calls them magical because every time I use them I can magically lift the weights better because my hands don't hurt!" - Stephanie L., Granada Hills, Ca

"I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach and have been using Grip On for some time. Many of our athletes use them for bench press, military press, curls, and pull up exercises, to name a few. Our athletes use them to put the power into the lift - they work!" - Kevin A., Fort Collins, CO

"Tried them for Cross Training and was worried when we were throwing weight, but they were great and did not move!" - Christina Alan, Valencia, CA

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