Ironmind Captains of Crush CoC IMTUG The Two-Finger Utility Gripper HandStrength

Ironmind Captains of Crush CoC IMTUG The Two-Finger Utility Gripper HandStrength


  • $ 26.60

You have five fingers and here's how you train each and every one of them, even your thumb.

Can't quite put away a No. 2 CoC? Hit your pinkie and ring fingers with an IMTUG3 or IMTUG4 and see what happens.

Want to certify on the No. 3 CoC or beyond? Meet IMTUG5, IMTUG6, and IMTUG7.

Want a portable way to train your pinch grip? IMTUG1, IMTUG2, or IMTUG3 should be in your pocket.

Choose the IMTUG based on the relative strength of your fingers:

  • Thumb - weakest - use an easier IMTUG

  • Ring and pinkie fingers - moderate - use a medium IMTUG

  • Index and middle fingers - strongest - use a tougher IMTUG

Which IMTUGs should you choose? Use the following guide to select the right level of IMTUGs based on which Captains of Crush Gripper you are training with:

  • Guide or Sport - IMTUG1, IMTUG2

  • Trainer or No. 1 - IMTUG2, IMTUG3, IMTUG4

  • No. 1 or No. 2 - IMTUG3, IMTUG4, IMTUG5

  • No. 2 or No. 3 - IMTUG4, IMTUG5, IMTUG6

  • No. 3 or No. 4 - IMTUG6, IMTUG 7

IMTUGs are:

  • Designed to target your fingers one or two at a time, even your thumb

  • Perfect--and portable--way to improve your pinch-grip strength

  • Proprietary GR8 springs, only on CoC Grippers and IMTUGs

  • Soft-tissue friendly, ergonomically designed aluminum handles

  • Precision manufacturing for gold standard performance, feel, and appearance

  • Made in the USA

  • No-surprise geometry: you can count on the consistency and precision of IMTUGS

WARNING: Training with hand grippers is extremely addictive! They will be hard to put down, resulting in overtraining and possibly extreme hand soreness.

Don't neglect extensor training.

Extensors are the muscles on the back of the forearm involved in opening the hand and are extremely important to hand health and strength. Wrap a thick rubber band around the ends of your fingers and open your hand for as many reps as possible.

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