IGRIP Portable Isometric Trainer Tester Build Power Strength Timed Static Holds


  • $98.00

Introducing the first portable Isometric exercise device that allows the user to workout anyplace and anytime and electronically measures both the applied push and pull force. The IGRIP also includes Isotonic exercises for a conventional upper body workout. This product is heavy duty and easy to use for all ages and strength levels. The IGRIP makes a great gift for him and her. Weights are incorporated into a workout routine to create resistance. With the IGRIP, your body pits one muscle against another and creates and measures the same resistance. It couldn't be simpler, you control the force up to 200 lbs. without the need for cumbersome weights and the risk of injury. What are you waiting for? Your perfect body is just a GRIP away!!

In most sports strength and conditioning is instrumental in differentiating yourself from the competition. Integrating the IGRIP in your workout routine adds a new dimension in achieving dramatic results. For example, when an athlete reaches a plateau on the bench press and is having a difficult time breaking through, isometric compressions can target the necessary muscles. When done correctly, athletes will find that incorporating isometric exercise in their workout to be very effective and improve strength levels in a wide range of essential lifts.  Isometric training with the IGRIP will challenge the muscle to an infinite workload of applied force. This will result in recruiting secondary muscle fibers (motor units) to support the resistance and lead to dramatic strength gain. The advantage of Isometrics is that dramatic results can be achieved Anywhere-Anytime. The Isometric elements of Force and Time are equivalent to Weight and Reps at the gym.

  • Electronically measures push and pull force

  • 3 exercise modes: static, progressive and mobile contractions  

  •  Built strong, with 1/8" steel frame and ABS plastic housing  

  •  Comfort grips

  •  Bright backlit display  

  • 200-lb. resistance capacity  

  • Easily portable, just 8 1/4 x 5 1/2 x 2"w. Weighs 2 lbs., 4 ozs.

  •  Fitness Wall Chart with 23 Exercises Included

  • Great to throw in a suitcase and take on the road

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